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Helping startups navigate healthcare technology

What we do

We know healthcare tech

Healthcare technology is overwhelming to say the least. At Uncommon Branch we have experience integrating with standard HIPAA compliant technologies such as:

  • HL7
  • FHIR
  • EMR APIs

Web Experts

We are a one stop shop for web technology. At Uncommon branch we specialize in designing and building Ruby web apps that use up to date technologies to make sure your products and services are running fast and securely.

Working with you

Need a new product built from scratch? Need us to hop on to an existing code base? No problem. Our flexible work style gives you the options to customize our relationship to fit your business needs.

Who we've worked with

The team



Rob has 10 years of programming experience and a background in mathematics. He specializes in Ruby and Ember development.



Nick is an MD and is co-founder of a successful healthcare education startup. He specializes in Ruby app development and EMR integrations.



John has 6 years of design and front end development experience and 3 years of Ruby App development experience. He specializes in UI/UX design.

Let's chat

Do you think you or your business could benefit by working with Uncommon Branch, shoot us a message and lets get the ball rolling!

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